Our Curriculum: Junior and Senior Kindergarten

To give each child the best start possible, Holy Family Child Care kindergarten programs provide a variety of learning opportunities based on the strengths, needs and interests of the children. Our teachers and parents work together to build the children’s confidence and encourage them to continue to see learning as an enjoyable experience. We work together to build a strong foundation for their future cognitive, physical and social development. Our kindergarten program provides opportunities for learning, self-expression and self-discovery through our variety of language activities, music, drama, games and cooperative activities with peers.

The kindergarten curriculum incorporates all the components of the Ontario Ministry of Education Kinder Curriculum. Our program prepares children for entry to the school system at the Grade 1 level with the following program highlights:

  • Individual attention in a small class setting
  • Phonics and math concepts for ages 4-6
  • Learning to read and write based on child’s level development
  • Curriculum aligned with that of local elementary schools to make transition smooth and natural
  • Daily French or Italian lessons
  • Regular communication between teachers and parents to keep you informed about your child’s day
  • Breakfast and hot lunch prepared on the premises, as well as an afternoon snack